How To Install Xposed Framework & Modules On Samsung Lollipop TouchWiz ROMs

After a long time waiting developers have found a way to install Xposed Framework on Samsung TouchWiz Lollipop ROMs. At first we have to wait for Xposed to be updated to work on Lollipop. Since it comes with new architecture every app need to be updated to work on Android 5.0 Lollipop. This was a major reason why most of developers and a huge number of Android users haven’t updated their devices to Lollipop.

It was needed almost a year for rovo89 the developer of Xposed to update it and make it work on Lollipop. Even though Xposed Framework was updated it will work only on stock Vanilla Lollipop ROMs. It won’t work on Samsung TouchWiz ROMs or any other modified ROM because they are very different from pure stock ROMs.

We have to admit that Samsung has done a good job with TouchWiz because these ROMs aren’t affected by the issues that were found on stock Android Lollipop ROMs such as Memory Leak and High RAM Usage. Samsung has modified the core of firmware which has result to be pretty good comparing with other ROMs.


If you are a fan of Samsung TouchWiz you can’t install Xposed Framework so easily. At first you should do a little modification on your system files. The method is tested and it’s reported as fully working so you can try it but remember I should not held any responsible if anything goes wrong. Please follow the instruction carefully. Here at DoryLabs we provide the guides but only you can decide to go further or not. So if you want to install Xposed Framework on a Samsung TouchWiz ROM do it at your own risk.


  • You will need a deodexed stock Android 5.0 TouchWiz Lollipop ROM. Do not try it on odexed ROMs.
  • Make sure to root your phone before continue further.
  • Make a backup of your current ROM just to be safe. I recommend to do a Nandroid backup because it will create a full copy of your current ROM.


How To Install Xposed Framework On Samsung TouchWiz ROMs

  • Launch your favorite Root File Explorer and find these two files: core-libart.jar and services.jar.
  • Decompile core-libart.jar. 
  • Extract the modified file and move its content to core-libart.jar.out/smali/
  • Recompile the file again.
  • Go to services.jar.out/smali and find a file that contains the following string:
Ljava / lang / String; -> clear () v
  • Delete it and then recompile the file again.
  • Move the files to their original location.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Now install Xposed Framework on your TouchWiz ROM.

That’s all. Xposed Framework will be installed on your Samsung device and you can enjoy all its features.

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