How To Fix LG G3 Slow Charging Problem

LG G3 users have reported an issue with their device. They are complaining that the phone doesn’t charge properly. It needs a long time, sometimes a couple of hours to charge completely. This is a bit strange because the LG G3 charger is 1.3A so it should charge the device up to 100% mostly in 2-3 hours.

In this article, we will share with you some workaround solutions how to fix LG G3 slow charging problem. Probably, in the beginning, you may have thought this was a problem with the charger but in most of the cases, it is not. Users have reported that even after trying different chargers still, the LG G3 need a long time to charge. Some other people are complaining that after plugging the phone for a few hours they have noticed that it isn’t charged at all.

This is annoying and you need to fix LG G3 slow charging problem. Here we have shared with you some tips you can try at home before going to ask for professional service or maybe for a replacement. People from all over the world have reported this issue that makes us wonder how is it possible that a device like LG G3 is suffering from such a strange problem.

LG G3 slow charging

Don’t worry! Probably it might not be so serious and you can easily fix the LG G3 charging problems. Go ahead and try the tips we have shared below before going into any conclusion if it’s needed to ask for professional service.

If your device is a brand new, it’s normal it will need more time than usual to charge. Just wait for a couple of days. But if this is not your case then you should investigate further to check what is causing the slow charging on LG G3.

Here’s how to fix LG G3 slow charging

Check if you are using the original charger and make sure it’s output is more than 1A. The original charger is 1.3A so another one lower that this might charger the phone but it will need longer time. So make sure you are using a proper charger.

If you checked the charger and it’s the original one, make sure it’s working. It might happen the charger get damaged and this will slow down the charging time. Find another charger or another phone to see where is the problem. If you get a new charger it’s recommended to use a 1.3A charger, the same as the original. If it’s lower it will need more time to charge your phone and if it’s higher it might hurt the battery.

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Another factor that your phone might not be charging normally is because the charging port might be damaged or it has some dust in it and need to be cleaned. The charging port has a lot of small pins inside so if you haven’t been careful when charging the phone, any of the pins may be broken. In this case, the phone won’t charge normally or may not charge at all.

The low charging problem might be also software related. If you recently have installed a plethora of apps then you should consider uninstalling them and if you do not mind do a factory reset. It will reset the phone to the factory conditions and will delete everything that may be crashing and causing various issues. Sometimes most of the problems on Android devices happens because of the software bugs and app crashes.

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