How To Fix OnePlus 3 RAM Memory Management

Lately we have seen people complaining about OnePlus 3 that seems to suffer from RAM memory management. This issue was reported also last year on Samsung Galaxy phones and it wasn’t good for the company because this problem deferred many people from purchasing those devices.

But today luckily the developers knows more about this problem and they have found a way to fix OnePlus 3 RAM management issues. It seems to be such an aggressive issue and it seems not to be a bug.

That being said developers have inspected LMK values and also the apps limit that can run in background and they don’t get the most out of the OnePlus 3 that has 6 GB RAM.

Also the RAM Memory Management problem is noticed in Custom ROMs. In a test made recently in CM13 it wasn’t seen significant improvements. For sure the development community of OnePlus 3 will find a way to improve RAM Management but for now you can fix it by making some changes on the build.prop file.

Fix Ram Management One Plus 3

To edit build.prop there are several ways. Use your favourite file editor and navigate to /system and find build.prop. All you have to do is to find a specific line of code and edit a value. It will fix the RAM Management problem on OnePlus 3.

To edit build.prop you should have root access and also a File Manager with root access. There are plenty of them available on Play Store. We recommend Total Commander because it has plenty of other features but also ES File Manager or Root Explore will work fine.

So install a file explorer and open build.prop, then find this line of code:


Change the value at the end with a higher number. It’s tested with 32 and 46 and both have almost the same result.

build.prop OnePlus 3

WARNING: This is tested only to improve RAM Management on OnePlus 3 but it’s not tested for battery life or other extensive performance under this setting. So if you wanna play with your device do it at your own risk. But from what it’s tested until now, there are great results.

This is a simple tweak but it fixed the OnePlus 3 RAM Management problem and almost doubled the amount of apps that OnePlus 3 can hold.

A good way to test this is to open all the apps in app drawer and go through them until the first app is kicked out of memory. A developer did this and the result was impressive.

He said that normally the OnePlus 3 featuring 6 GB of RAM could handle only 12 apps but with the value set to 42  the device can handle 22 apps without any problem.

While we find the 6 GB RAM phone disappointing, developers mostly at the XDA won’t stop finding ways to get the most of this device.

So stay tuned to learn more how it will goes and what solutions will be found to fix RAM Management on OnePlus 3.


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