What Is Reactivation Lock & How To Use It On Samsung Galaxy Devices

Reactivation Lock is a new security feature presented by Samsung. It allows you to use your account to prevent others from activating your device if you lost it or if it’s stolen. If Reactivation Lock is enabled, it will ask you to enter your Samsung account credentials prior to starting a factory reset.

Reactivation Lock is a security feature and will be very useful if you lose your phone. It will protect the device from unauthorized third-party tpeoples o use your personal data. Unfortunately this feature is available only for Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note through Verizon and U.S Cellualr.

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Do not confuse Reactivation Lock with Device Lock. They are not the same. Device Lock requires a password, PIN code or something like that to unlock your device while the Reactivation Lock asks you to enter account credentials.

Reactivation Lock Samsung Security feature

To turn on Reactivation Lock simply go to the app drawer and navigate to Settings > Security. Mark the Reactivation Lock check box and make sure to read all the information provided there before continue. Then you will be asked to sing in with your Samsung account and if you are already singed in you will need to confirm your password.

Enter the ID and password and you will see that the check box of the Reactivation Lock will be marked. To turn of the Reactivation Lock feature on Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4, simply go to Settings > Security and uncheck the box. If you resset your device you will be prompted to confirm your Samsung account credentials like ID and password.

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