Download LineageOS 14.1 Android 7.1.1 Nougat for Lenovo K4 Note

Lenovo K4 Note Lineage 14.1

Finally, Lenovo K4 Note got Android 7.1 Nougat update. It’s not an official update but a Custom ROM. An unofficial build of Lineage OS 14.1 that is based on Android 7.1 Nougat is now available to install on Lenovo K4 Note. The ROM is stable enough to be considered as a daily driver. So if you have ever thought to give …

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Top Trending Apps For Android Devices

Feedly App

There are a plethora of applications on the Android market. It’s almost impossible not to find an app that will do everything you ever want. There is an app for every task you want to do. From strange games to cool apps I’m pretty sure you have never thought about all the apps you can download for free on Play …

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Download Lineage OS 14.1 Android 7.1 Nougat For Huawei Y6

Huawei Y6 Lineage OS 14.1

In this article, you will download Lineage OS 14.1 custom ROM for Huawei Y6 and learn how to install it. Lineage OS is the successor of the quite famous CyanogenMod ROMs. Lineage OS 14.1 is based on stock Android 7.1 Nougat and it brings a plethora of features and optimizations. This is not the official build of the ROM so …

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How To Install TWRP Custom Recovery on Huawei Y6

Huawei Y6

In this post, we will walk through a step by step guide how to install TWRP Custom Recovery on Huawei Y6. Every Android device has a pre-installed recovery by default or as we are used to calling it the stock recovery. It is ideal for basic operations such as wipe cache, factory reset, install OTA updates and that’s all. A …

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[ROM] Android 7.1 Nougat LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Boot animation

Creating custom ROMs for Samsung devices was a bit difficult because the company refused to release the source code of Exynos chipset. Even though Samsung optimizes its own variant of Android named TouchWiz, there are plenty of people that doesn’t like its user interface, therefore, it’s needed to install a custom ROM. You may have heard about CyanogenMod. It was …

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How Modern Technology has Helped Improve Businesses Security & Productivity

Business productivity tech

Technological evolution has positively impacted the workplace in the 21st century, and their effects don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. New inventions are being made on regular basis and now that apps are within the reach of every individual, they are doing wonders for businesses all over the world. Not too long ago, the environment in workplaces was …

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Tips and Tricks for a Successful PowerPoint Presentation via Smartphone


If you have something to sell, you should know how to present it in public. With a good presentation, you can attract new customers and raise the brand loyalty. PowerPoint is the most used app for a presentation. To make the presentation a success, the slides should tell a complete story. Choosing the right template can be a decisive factor …

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[Mod] Increase Volume & Improve Quality on Qualcomm Snapdragon Devices

qualcomm snapdragon enable dac

  Every Qualcomm device has an in-built Wcd9xx audio DAC. Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) is a device that that converts digital audio signals to analog audio signals. Even thought the Audio DAC on Qualcomm devices is in-built, it has the advantage to be configurable on various parameters. You can enable and disable some options to tweak the settings. In this post, …

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How To Boot Samsung Galaxy Devices Into Recovery & Download Mode

Galaxy Device Download Mode

Download Mode and Recovery Mode are two popular terms among Android users. You must have heard about them a lot but you may not be very familiar what these modes actually do and how to get into them. So before going to explain you a step by step guide how to boot any Samsung Galaxy into Download Mode or Recovery Mode, I will …

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[Guide] How To Install TWRP Recovery & Root Galaxy J2

Root Galaxy J2

In this post, we will walk through a step by step guide how to install TWRP custom recovery and root Galaxy J2. Installing a custom recovery allows you to flash different firmwares, mods, and various files to modify system settings.Having root access will give you full control over your phone. So if you are tired of the Samsung TouchWiz skin …

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How To Simplify Your Business With Phone GPS Technology

GPS Tracker

Global Position System (GPS) technology has a wide range of benefits for business owners. The technology is particularly useful to companies that have mobile employees. Understanding how the technology works, and how you could use it to manage your business will give you an edge over competitors. Here are some of the ways in which using GPS will benefit your …

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