Essential Skills For Aspiring Web Developers

Web developing is a fantastic ability to have. But to master the art of web developing, you need to learn many skills. A professional developer should know how to build websites from scratch. They also need to create sites that are functional on all computer and smartphone browsers.

It’s a talent that can quickly develop into a career. If you’re capable of making functional and fancy-looking sites, individuals and businesses will pay you a lot of money. To get up to standards, make sure you have these skills on your resumé!


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the most fundamental and useful language web coders need to know. It’s what you use to dictate how a web page will look and function. You can build entire websites using nothing but HTML, but it’s limited when it comes to interactive and stylish features.

There are tons of resources for learning HTML. You can find online tutorials, books, and even web apps to help you with it. It’s the first thing web developers need to learn, and a skill that will take you a long way.


The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) language goes hand in hand with HTML. While HTML is used to set up the layout and the content of the site, CSS is used for decorating it. You can use CSS for adapting the look of your entire website. It uses simple commands for fonts, colors, and other decorative features.

It’s another must-learn for coders, but luckily it’s incredibly simple to pick up. Learn how to create a stylesheet and embed it on all the pages of your website. That way, you can change how hyperlinks look or the background color of your site in one easy command.

Web developer skills


While HTML and CSS are the building blocks of websites, JavaScript is what truly brings them to life. It’s an intelligent language with all kinds of functional uses.

A basic HTML page is static, and only changes when you go to a new link. By using JavaScript, you can implement dynamic and interactive features for your visitors. While learning the entire language can be tricky, it’s easy to add jQuery plugins to enhance your website.

It’s a step up from HTML and CSS. But professional web developers need to be able to use JavaScript to make modern and innovative websites.


While most web pages are coded in HTML, implementing PHP can make them much more efficient. It’s a server side language that can make websites run faster and smoother.

PHP can also be used for web apps. It’s often used for creating contact forms and interactive user features. Many content management systems are also coded in PHP.

It’s worth learning PHP to take your web developing skills to the next level. It has many uses and is much less limited than HTML.

Graphics Designing

Knowing how to code a website is great, but it’s hard to conjure up a great user interface using nothing but text. Web developers often work with graphics designers to create fantastic looking websites. But if you’re interested in being a web developer, it’s worth learning for yourself.

At the very least, you should learn to create web layouts in PhotoShop. There are plenty of online tutorials for this, so practice creating layouts in different styles and coding them onto a web page. It’s also useful for creating web banners and ads. Web developers who know how to design a stylish looking web page can get much more business.

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