5 Practical Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram has emerged as one of the leading social networks, with over 600 million active monthly users. Traditionally used for socialising and sharing purposes only, Instagram has now become a noteworthy platform for digital marketing. Subsequently, Instagram marketing is on the rise.  Marketers prefer Instagram due to the growth and ROI maximisation potential offered. Also, the noiseless and convenient Instagram experience …

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How To SIM Unlock Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 sim unlock

In this article, we will walk through a guide how to quickly SIM unlock any Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 of any carrier. Before going any further you should know that this guide works only for those devices that have been updated to the new bootloader 4 firmware. It prevents downgrading to a firmware compatible with many tools for SIM …

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How To Fix No Package Error When Installing Galaxy S8 Apps APK

Galaxy S8 apps

Sometimes when installing third-party apk files, errors can happen. That’s why it’s always recommended to install apps from trusted sources such as Play Store. There are maybe millions of apps available on Play Store but if you want to get the latest apps, ported directly from the system of the new devices, you should get the apk files. Apk files …

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[APK] Download Samsung’s Hello Bixby Personal Assistant

Hello Bixby

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. They come with a plethora of features and optimisations, both in hardware and software. Samsung also launched its own artificial intelligence named Hello Bixby. It is a personal assistant very similar to Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. In this article, you will download Hello Bixby apk file and install …

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Download Galaxy S8 Launcher APK For Every TouchWiz Firmware

Galaxy S8 Launcher

Get a glimpse of Galaxy S8 on your old Android device by installing its launcher. It will give you a feeling of the latest Samsung flagship device. Galaxy S8 normally comes with features and optimisation over its predecessor both in hardware and software. It is equipped with 4 GB RAM, Snapdragon 835 processor, a 12-megapixel camera and other specs that …

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What to Expect From The Coming Years of The Golden Age of Technology

prosthetic limb

Mankind has always had the ability to learn and to create. We can see a slow yet steady journey of discovery that started with the first man who discovered fire and is still ongoing. It will continue to do so until the day comes when our race becomes extinct. History is dotted with many significant discoveries that have helped us …

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The Impact of Latest Tech in Business Success And How It Can Be Inexpensive


One thing strikes us when we hear business leaders talk about their technology buying trends; they buy based on the price tag and not the impact it will have on their time efficiency. Quite simply, this seems insane. Time is the most precious, most sought after and most valuable commodity there is. It can’t be manufactured, it can’t be stored, …

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Use Your Computer To Bring Out Your Creative Side

designing computer

Yes, it’s no secret that the computer is capable of some pretty terrific things. Cat videos? Sign us up. Arguing with complete strangers over the artistic merits of Lost, the television show? We’re there. Old school games like solitaire and the like? You know that’s our jam. However, that’s not all that computer technology is used for. There’s also some people …

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Track Any Phone’s Activities Easily – With mSpy Tracking Software

Why online is not a safe place for your ward to be The online world has rushed into our lives heartlessly: online games occupy our leisure, Wikipedia-like sources and online courses allow us to study, forums and social chats satisfy our primaeval urge for socialisation. Information has stopped being and hard thing to find. On the contrary – the internet …

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TWRP Recovery For Galaxy S7 SM-G930F Android Nougat TouchWiz

TWRP Galaxy S7

Samsung hasn’t released yet an official OTA update of Android Nougat, but they do have released a beta firmware so the users can test the goodies of Android 7.0 Nougat. There is no exact time when the OTA update will start rolling out. If you are familiar with Android and have flashed a firmware before you can install the official …

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How To Root Snapdragon Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Nougat Firmware

Galaxy S7 Edge

In this guide, we will walk through a step by step guide to root the Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on Android Nougat. The Korean tech giant has equipped the US variants of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with a Snapdragon 820 while the international variant has Samsung’s Exynos 88900 octa-core chipset. So basically this guide works …

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How to Use an Android Spy App Without Root

xnspy spy app

A large number of people in the world use Android devices and prefer them to iOS devices. The reason for this is that Android devices are more user-friendly and flexible with apps, unlike iOS devices. Somehow, there is a greater need to track Android devices for a number of reasons. Sometimes, employers want to track their employees, and at other …

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