How IoT is Influencing App Development


As you leave your office for the day, you tap an app on your phone and start your car. Another app allows you to turn on lights at your house, maybe even get dinner started. Welcome to IoT, the Internet of Things, in which an almost endless number of devices …

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Can Progressive Mobile Apps Replace Native Apps?

There is currently an intense debate about the difference between progressive mobile apps and native apps. A progressive mobile app is an app that runs within a web browser, while a native app is an app that is downloaded to the device. Both have their own advantages and features. According …

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Cobots: Creating Hybrid Teams With Humans By Becoming More Compatible


At present, all types of manufacturers whether big or small are becoming increasingly interested in improving their processes of production, finding talented employees and strengthening the customer relationship. Issues related to workforce often take the first spot in a manufacturer’s list of operational considerations. For this reason, the skills gap …

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Tips for passing IT Certification Exams With PrepAway

IT certifications

At a time when it has become indispensable for the IT professionals to opt for latest IT certifications, there it is important to learn how to pass IT exam. Keeping this in mind here a few important tips have been discussed that can help you in cracking any type of …

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Using Apps to Spy on Your Kids: Privacy Breach or Necessity


Long gone are the days when a parent would stand behind the closed door of their teen’s room trying to catch what they were saying on the phone to their best friend. Now, most of our children’s social lives seem to transpire online, and this communication revolution has given rise …

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