Download Latest Starbucks App APK

Download Starbucks app apk and install it on your phone. Have you ever thought to have a coffee while you are working on a computer or watching TV? Starbuck is famous for their coffee not only in America but all around the world. Starbucks app is fantastic. It helps you get a cup …

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How To Sim Unlock HTC One Sprint, All Carriers

htc one sprint

To SIM unlock an HTC One Sprint version is quite hard and you need a lot of knowledge and of course patience to learn about how to do it. Sprint HTC SIM unlock helper might be useful but the procedure usually isn’t permanent. However, we have found a way to …

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How To Add Emoji Support To Sony Xperia Keyboards

emoji for android

Emojis are small pictures that represent an emotion, object or symbol. They are becoming quite popular on chats, especially among mobile users. It’s great to express your emotions using a small picture. It helps to make the conversation more emotional because the other person may not get your emotions just …

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How To Root Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910S LTE With SuperSU


Do you want to root your LTE Galaxy Note 4 SM-910S variant? You’re in the right place because in this guide below you will find everything explained in details how to do that. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is such a great device with a Snapdragon 805 Quad Core CPU accompanied …

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How To Root All Android Devices Using Mashup Root Tool

Mashup Root Tool is a best rooting app for Android devices. It supports almost every single device that can exist. Nowadays is quite easy to get root access because there are many tools that will root your Android device with a single click and without a computer. By rooting your …

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How To Unlock Bootloader On HUAWEI Ascend Y530

Here you’re going to learn how to unlock bootloader on Huawei Ascend Y530. If you don’t know already what bootloader is, I will explain it shortly. Bootloader is a kind of code which is executed before any Operating System starts to run. The concept of bootloader is the same on …

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How To Fix LG G3 Touch Screen Interface Lag

GPS showing wrong places on LG G3

Weird to say but around the Android community people have reported various issues on LG G3. The next issues that is reported is LG G3 touchscreen delay or LG G3 touchscreen lag and in this post, we will share with you some workaround solutions how to fix it. More and …

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